Sign-ups have begun for  September 30 - November 22, 2013  and  March 3 -  May 30, 2014. Mark your calendar! One session will be held every week during these dates. Times and days will vary, call for details.   Click Here for a brochure .

What is uLegislate?

        uLegislate is an educational program designed for adult and student groups alike. Participants take on the roles of officers and members of the Nevada Senate, debating fun topics and learning how the legislative process works. This one-hour simulation provides new perspectives on the challenges of elective office.


Who is uLegislate for?

Community groups, chambers of commerce, church groups, service clubs, business associations, and students (grades 8-12) are natural audiences for this unforgettable experience. Last year over 300 Nevadans participated in this unique and informative program.


  • Our Goal...

    "We believe that part of our mission is to engage the public and promote participatory democracy. Nevada has a true citizen legislature, and we hope an educational program like this will help residents of our state better understand the challenges we face."


    David Byerman

    Secretary of the Senate

  • Identify Your Role...

    Take on the role of a Senator, the Lieutenant Governor, the Sergeant at Arms, or the Secretary of the Senate and learn how they work together to ensure a well-run Senate Floor Session.

  • Debate Bills...

    The Nevada Senate has created model  legislation on easy-to-understand and fun topics. Should the Nevada Senate call on Congress to create a new state called "South Nevada" and allow Las Vegas to have its own state? What sport should be declared the "state sport" of Nevada? Should school be held on Saturday? Should plastic bags be outlawed in grocery stores as a threat to the environment? These entertaining topics form the backdrop for your legislative experience.

  • Cast Your Vote...


    When debate on each bill concludes, it's time to vote. And when you push the actual buttons your Senators use to cast their's your name that appears on the tote board in the Senate Chambers! Learn how many votes are needed to pass legislation, and experience the pressures of elective office.

For more information contact:

401 S. Carson Street, Carson City, Nevada 89701

Phone (775) 684-1400 Fax: (775) 684-6522