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Consent Calendar

From Chapter III of the 2013 Legislative Manual:

To process bills of a noncontroversial nature in a more efficient and less time-consuming manner, the rules of the Senate and Assembly, as well as the Nevada Constitution, provide for the use of consent calendars by both houses of the Nevada Legislature. Bills on a consent calendar are considered for final passage and do not require second or third readings.

Standing committees may report a bill out with the recommendation that it be placed on a consent calendar. In the Senate, a measure that is recommended both for passage with no amendments and for placement on the consent calendar must be included in the daily file for at least one calendar day before it may be considered. Measures that contain an appropriation, require a two-thirds vote, or are controversial in nature are not eligible for the Senate's consent calendar. In the Assembly, a bill may be placed on the consent calendar if it has: (1) been recommended for passage; (2) no amendments recommended for it; and (3) received a unanimous vote by the standing committee to be placed on the consent calendar. The Chief Clerk of the Assembly is required to maintain a list of bills recommended for the consent calendar that must be printed on the daily file.

The standing rules of both the Senate and the Assembly require that a bill on a consent calendar must be transferred to the second reading file if any member objects to the bill's inclusion on the consent calendar or requests such bill's removal from the consent calendar.


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Last updated 1/29/2013

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